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Robotics offer game-changing solutions amid labor challenges

Cutting-edge technologies improve experiences for restaurant staff and diners alike.
Photograph courtesy of Richtech Robotics

As demand for onsite dining at restaurants has seen a resurgence, many restaurants are facing a major obstacle on the path to recovery: labor.

Restaurant jobs were nearly halved near the beginning of the pandemic, and despite some growth as the market has bounced back, the restaurant industry still remains about 1.5 million workers short of its pre-pandemic employment base, according to Technomic’s June 2021 report, Technomic’s Take: Roadblock to Recovery. Wages have also seen an increase, with the cost of restaurant labor increasing by 12% year over year.

For operators, there’s perhaps never been a more crucial period of growth, as the recovering market offers an opportunity to recoup sales lost to the pandemic. Yet, in a time when recruiting and retaining top talent and minimizing costs are both especially crucial to restaurants’ success, operators may find themselves looking for alternative solutions.

New technologies at the forefront

Fortunately, robotics offer a solution that not only helps operators expand their margins, but also improves the work experience for restaurant staff and enhances customer service. For example, solutions from Richtech Robotics can attend to tasks such as cleaning floors or even prepping food—giving restaurant staff the opportunity to focus their time and energy on perfecting the customer experience rather than completing menial work.

In a time when retaining talent is a top priority, decreasing daily stress for the staff can be a gamechanger—and for diners, automation means service from employees whose primary focus is customer satisfaction. This can help boost diner retention and may even encourage more generous tips.

In short, with the help of robotics, operators can boost sales and margins, reduce employee burnout and turnover and improve diners’ experiences and, in turn, their loyalty. This sets operators up for success during this crucial point in the path to recovery—and for success in the future, too.

To learn more about how solutions from Richtech Robotics can help streamline operations and afford restaurant operators a competitive edge on the market, visit richtechrobotics.com.


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