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Spendgo offers its loyalty marketing platform for free for all of 2020

The initiative is part of the brand’s COVID-19 Relief Plan for restaurants.
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As restaurants shift from dine-in business to delivery and takeout only, many have looked to third-party providers to help facilitate the shift and cover ordering needs. For some, however, the costs can be prohibitive, leading to a stressful situation.

One company, Spendgo, based in San Francisco, is aiming to alleviate that stress. A provider of loyalty programs and marketing tools for restaurants and retailers, Spendgo recently announced its COVID-19 Relief Plan, designed to help restaurants impacted by the pandemic get more direct online orders so they can stop paying expensive commissions to third-party marketplaces.

“Restaurants and retailers are really hurting right now, and online orders are their best chance of survival,” said Ivan Matkovic, CEO and founder of Spendgo. “Third-party marketplaces are great for acquiring new customers, but paying 30% commission per order is a steep price to pay at a time when restaurants are just trying to stay open. This is why, at Spendgo, we have partnered with leading online ordering and e-commerce providers to provide our integrated marketing platform for free.”

Through the rest of 2020, Spendgo’s solution is available at no cost for businesses that already have or want to implement a digital ordering website to start receiving orders for takeout, contactless kiosk or curbside pickup and delivery. Spendgo has partnered with companies such as ToGo Technologies, Olo, Ready, Locai and Shopify, just to name a few. Using Spendgo’s seamless integration, businesses can turn on marketing capabilities in a snap.

With Spendgo, restaurants can start small by adding email and text messages to their online ordering platforms or go big and launch a fully integrated loyalty program for purchases, awarding points, promotions and rewards.

In a time when restaurants are facing an unprecedented struggle, Spendgo is dedicated to offering relief. Its platform allows businesses of all sizes to automate and manage campaigns, creating a unified customer experience for its more than 12 million by connecting point-of-sale and e-commerce platforms with third-party solutions. Spendgo also provides behavioral data, empowering businesses to more effectively engage with their customers in-store or online.

Find out more about how Spengo can help today at spendgo.com/ecommerce-ordering.

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