Thinking mobile? Top 5 benefits of using handheld devices in your operations

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Mobile technology has become more and more prevalent among consumers today, and as a result, many view it as natural, intuitive and engaging when it’s part of the dining experience. Handheld devices are becoming more popular, and many operators are turning to them due to the proven benefits they offer the restaurant, staff and guests.

When considering whether or not to introduce handhelds into your operation, you should identify the problems you are trying to solve, as well as how the change could enhance the experience for both your staff and guests.

At NCR, we’ve helped many brands with the decision of whether or not to implement handhelds and offer our top 5 benefits these devices deliver based on our experience. Handheld devices:

1. Significantly improve the speed of service

With the use of handhelds, there is a change in how order taking happens, and as a result, a positive impact from this change. Food orders are routed to the kitchen faster because servers aren’t going to a fixed terminal and then entering orders in.  There is also an improvement of order accuracy when they are placed in front of the guest, so meals are just what the customer wanted.

And consider this: with servers taking orders faster and customers paying the moment they’re ready, guests spend the same amount of time dining, but more time enjoying their food and the overall experience.

2. Take the guest experience to the next level

With less running back-and-forth from the floor to the kitchen, employees spend more time with guests. Servers are at the table before customers need them, and they aren’t waiting to order a second drink, a dessert or to close out their check.

3. Improve staff satisfaction and performance

You’re arming your team with technology that helps them do their jobs easier and improves their performance, and it will show. You’ll see an increase in employee satisfaction. Handhelds allow your staff additional time with guests and let them focus on table turns. What’s the result? Happier customers and increased tips for your staff from those happy customers.

4. Give customers peace of mind during the payment transaction

With handhelds, servers can run credit cards on the spot, with the card never leaving the cardholder’s sight. Not only does this make for a faster transaction, but it allows cardholders to breathe easier with their card within view.

5. Are purpose-built, highly durable and able stand up to a harsh restaurant environment

From drops and spills, to wear and tear that happens as a result of all-day, everyday use, purpose-built devices are designed to withstand your restaurant. With long battery lives and robust builds, they can oftentimes run for two shifts before recharging.  And what’s more? Shrinkage levels (or theft) are much lower with purpose-built devices, since they offer little value outside of a restaurant.    

Handheld devices can bring you, your staff and guests benefits in terms of time saved and profits earned. Finding the right fit and knowing your goals are imperative to a successful implementation. When done right, the introduction of handhelds are appreciated by employees and guests, and a change that will help you create an even more exceptional dining experience. 

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