Top 500 Chains

Top 500 Chains

Taco Cabana

Parent Fiesta Restaurant Group brought in a fine-dining veteran as the new CEO of the chain

Top 500 Chains


The DIY chain offers customizable yogurt and toppings

It touts that it is the only major ice cream chain in the country to milk its own cows

The chain serves homestyle meals and all-day breakfast targeted at travelers

Named after “The Godfather” movies, this chain specializes in pizzas with piled-on toppings

The chain specializes in French fare and baked goods for breakfast, lunch and dinner

The chain is known for Tex-Mex cuisine served in a friendly and energized atmosphere

The chain serves Italian ice made fresh in-house with real fruit

The steak chain is one of the few outperformers in casual dining

The successes or failures of one big fast-casual brand have the ability to drastically shift results.

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