The Week in Ideas, March 18, 2013

It’s always a good idea to double check your bathroom before closing. An idea we still can’t quite get our heads around: not everybody likes bacon. What? Plus, a shipping container restaurant and a new server for the Big 12.

Idea #1: Check the bathrooms. The other night, a woman went to the bathroom at East Chateau, a Chinese restaurant in Vienna, Maryland. We’re not sure how long she was in there, but when she came out, the restaurant was closed, lights out, doors locked. She was able to unlock the front door and called the restaurant to let them know their door was open.

Idea #2: Not everybody likes bacon. Guess what the San Francisco restaurant Bacon Bacon serves? Bacon! Sounds great, right? Well, not for one of the restaurant’s neighbors, who has been complaining about the smell (she should be thanking them!). The restaurant has to reapply for its permit at an open hearing to allow the neighbor—who wants the restaurant to install a new air filtration system— to voice complaints. What’s the world coming to?

Idea #3: Restaurant in a shipping container.Ymbii, Atlanta’s first food truck, is now its first restaurant in a shipping container.

Idea #4: The roving burger and pizza server. To take full advantage of the onslaught of Big 12 fans hitting Kansas City, local restaurant Johnny’s Tavern is bringing in extra staff and designating one server with a special new role: the server will wonder the floor with a tray of burgers and pizza that customers can order on the spot. The restaurant hopes to serve more folks, and serve them more quickly, with the new position.




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