The week in ideas, November 5, 2012

A California restaurant comes clean. A Minneapolis restaurant steals an idea from the world of arenas. A U.K. restaurant invents a new serving dish. And restaurant robbers get more than they bargained for.

Idea #1: Self report. A Marin County, California, organic restaurant told its customers and reported itself to the department of health over a roach infestation. "The owner decided, if I can't tell the truth to my customers, then why have a restaurant," manager Sandro De Oliveira told the Contra Costa Times.

Idea #2: A retractable roof. A new Minneapolis restaurant is taking a page from the world of arenas. To embrace both the beautiful summers in the area and protect from the brutal winters, Union is installing a retractable roof.

Idea #3: Lick the brick. A restaurant in the U.K. is serving a new chicken dish on a caramel-glazed brick and is encouraging diners to lick the brick when they’re done with the chicken.

Idea #4: Throw the soup at ’em. A Subway employee put a stop to an armed robbery by throwing some hot soup in the guy’s face. Take that!

Idea #5: Throw the book at ’em. Meanwhile, in Memphis, a restaurant robber faces a minimum of 107 years in prison for four 2008 robberies. Take that!




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