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More areas re-instate mask requirement for restaurant guests

Louisiana and much of northern California, including San Francisco and Berkeley, are now mandating that customers wear face coverings again.


USDA and HHS release new Dietary Guidelines for Americans

For the first time, the government’s nutrition recommendations cover all age groups.

Restaurants should establish a strategy before an outbreak occurs, with clear roles and procedures to prepare managers and employees for recovery from the spread of infection.

Restaurants are a hot spot for the transmittal of flu germs. Operators need to take extra measures to maintain a healthy environment when flu virus is active.

Adding even a few natural ingredients into dishes can help meet consumer demands.

The polished concept is shifting to a menu of made-from-scratch Mediterranean specialties that promises health as well as flavor.

The bakery-cafe chain is launching a new line with the addition of warm grain bowls.

Chain restaurants are required to flag menu items that contain at least 2,300 milligrams of sodium per serving.

As diners look for top-notch service, learn more about how to stay competitive.

Here are five ways restaurant operators can boost customers’ summer dining experience—and increase sales.

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