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More dollars means positive growth for 2014

Consumers, on the whole, will be making a bit more in 2014. Combine the predicted rise in disposable income for 2014 with the steadily declining rate of unemployment, and there’s hope that wallets will begin to open more easily.

Q&A with Morgan Spurlock

Q&A with Morgan Spurlock

The suit against Yelp asks that a poster claiming to be an ex-employee of Sparks Steakhouse be identified because of his allegations that he spat in the food.

FALLS CHURCH, VA - The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) expressed its disappointment with a congressman's vacillation over an...

The burger chain is no longer suggesting that patrons opt for soda when ordering a kids meal. But if a patron picks that drink instead of milk or juice, the chain will oblige.

Its American subsidiary based in Columbia, MD, the second largest foodservice distributorship in the U.S., which accounts for 30% of Ahold's sales, reported...

Restaurants would be required to warn customers about the danger of high-sugared items to diabetics.

The marketing group and vendor executives expressed their bullishness about business next year and beyond, some even forecasting double-digit growth...

With change coming to the restaurant industry at warp speed, here's a snapshot of developments that signal where we might be barreling.

Dr. Judith Hilton, the head of microbiological safety at Britain's Food Standards Agency, believes that salmonella poses more of a risk to consumers than...

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