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High-quality ingredients set the foundation for innovation at Cooper’s Hawk

As he developed the Cooper’s Hawk menu, Matt McMillin sought to upgrade recipes and ingredients. He worked menu section by section, working his way through.


Top 500 Chains: Spotlight on Health

Check out how better-for-you is playing in the big leagues. 

Many chain restaurants have been in the off-premise game for a while now, though, so simply offering pickup or delivery can feel a little stale. That’s why some operators are focusing on new areas of off-premise dining to entice diners and boost revenue. Check out these examples.

Operators are rethinking catering offerings to boost off-premise sales.

While some dining-out occasions are special—dates, birthdays or anniversaries—many others are simply a result of not wanting to cook at home, which has helped propel delivery and takeout occasions to new heights.

From the McRib to the Pumpkin Spice Latte, limited-time offers spell big business for restaurants. In fact, there’s been a 64% increase in Top 500 LTO launches in the last five years, according to Tec...

Capriotti’s was founded in 1976 by Lois Margolet and her brother, Alan, who were were inspired by the sandwich shops where they lived in Wilmington, Delaware’s Little Italy. The first shop they opened...

Operators are building their short-term draws around turkey to provide something healthful and out of the ordinary, yet not intimidating.

LTOs help keep restaurants top of mind in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

For operators who offer turkey and want to put an ethnic item on the menu, incorporating global flavors can be a great opportunity.

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