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5 ways to leverage brand-name power on menus

Savvy operators can make those partnerships count by following a few best practices.


Branded menu items make a difference

Brand-name ingredients on restaurant menus can boost sales, increase consumer trust and drive traffic.

The family-style concept has focused on alternative proteins such as turkey in many of its menu items.

For today’s operators, success during breakfast means rising above today’s competitive market with unique menu choices and staying on top of changing consumer demand and evolving food trends.

Anchored by a wide selection of healthy options, Good Stuff’s menu ranges from all-day breakfast options to lunch and dinner favorites.

As a varied-menu concept, BJ’s gives ample attention to healthier fare, such as burgers with a better-for-you twist.

Today’s burgers are crafted with everything from lamb and pork to portobello mushroom caps to turkey—and that’s the way consumers want them.

Bread Factory Cafe, a fast-casual restaurant in New York City, offers comfort-food classics as well as innovative twists on trending ingredients and indulgent baked goods.

Check out these four trends for inspiring ways to offer more savory options in the morning.

Operators are turning to turkey for innovative as well as healthier takes on popular menu items.

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