Manufacturer Spotlight May 2007

Foodservice suppliers provide a look at products designed to make an operator’s job easier.

Besa Lighting has introduced six series of ADA-compliant glass wall sconces. The new ADA sconces will feature traditional mouth-blown European glass shades and have minimal visible hardware. These updated design elements can enhance the décor of many restaurant spaces.

Add sophistication to your beverage service with Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water. The non-sparkling water provides a crisp, clean taste that enhances food and wine.

Flippin’ Fudge allows guests to indulge in dark chocolate fudge in such enticing flavors as Fuzzy Bubble (champagne peach), Toffee Crunch and Wake-Up Call (espresso). Why not hand them out as after-dinner treats?

Save time and earn kudos from diners with bite-sized cubes of Carando Party Italian! Pepperoni, Genoa Salami, Hard Salami, Cheese ’n Pepperoni and Provolone Cheese. Each product comes pillow-packed to ensure top freshness and flavor. 

Ventura Foods has formulated a line of trans fat free frying oils. Mel Fry Free, in soy or canola varieties, delivers premium performance and flavor with zero grams trans fat per serving.

Hatco’s Model MDW is a mini display warmer holding three shelves that are magnetically adjustable. This non-humidified warmer showcases sandwiches, croissants and muffins in a more appealing way by keeping the temperatures consistent and the glass sides clear.

Yuban, made from 100% premium Arabica coffee, is now a Rainforest Alliance Certified sustainable coffee. This affordable coffee allows operators to appease consumers who demand environmentally conscious products. Yuban is currently the only national brand with a full line of ground coffee that is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The Beef Checkoff program of the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board has published a new booklet called “Sell the Sizzle.” It’s filled with on-trend menu inspirations, ranging from entrees to small plates and kids’ meals. Also included are beef nutrition information and merchandizing ideas.

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) has published a colorful brochure about Alaskan crab. It explains how all the varieties, including Dungeness, snow and king crab, are wild and sustainable and offer top menu potential and profits. Alaskan crab is harvested year round and sold pre-cooked, providing many labor-saving serving options.

Restaurateurs are now invited to access a large collection of marketing resources, courtesy of Coca-Cola. “Create-A-Promo” can be used to develop professional, customized point-of-sale materials that drive incremental profits to the bottom line. Cokesolutions.com provides operators with guidance in saving money and time, as well as other business-building resources.

Divine Chocolate, the first farmer-owned, Fair Trade chocolate from Africa, is now available in the U.S. Not only is the chocolate rich and decadent, the business model can help transform the economy for Ghana’s cocoa farmers.

Sugar Free Jams from Smucker’s, sweetened with sucralose, are available in three flavors: grape, strawberry and blackberry. The product was recently rebranded to better communicate the sugar-free message. 

The American Egg Board is celebrating National Egg Month this May with new chef-created recipes focusing on—you guessed it!—the egg. Check out recipes for customer favorites such as Green Eggs and Ham Pizza and Vegetable Frittata.

A new product from Tampa Maid—Dipt ’n Dusted calamari rings and tentacles—offers a tender bite and clean, fresh taste while eliminating the labor in preparation. The premium calamari fries up in inutes and can be served as an appetizer or platter, accompanied by marinara sauce. 
800-462-5896 x350

Eco-Pack’s 2400 Commercial Trash Compactor is a waste management system that can save you time, space and money. Features include full-load signal, cast aluminum compaction plate, and electro-hydraulic power packs.

Two new products from P&G Professional in the Bounty paper towels line—Bounty Super Duty and Best Ever Bounty—provide multi-purpose durability via a heavier texture. Bounty Super Duty has more fiber per sheet than regular Bounty, plus it is thicker and stronger when wet.  In addition to a better feel and improved performance, the packaging includes a bold new swipe design.

Matches are so yesterday…but matchboxes have been reborn. Promote your restaurant with a custom-printed “matchbox” containing two Floss`n Toss individually-wrapped dental floss picks from StaiNo. These not only remove food particles and plaque, they also remove tooth stains.

Frymaster has launched www.fitfrying.com in response to the rapid transition to trans fat-free oils. A cornerstone of the site focuses on “FitFrying 4”—Factors to Promote Healthful Frying.

Buy 12 single boxes of Masterfoods USA Snackfood products from your distributor, and you will earn $20 in Sporting Goods Cash Rewards, redeemable at retailers.

Hormel Foods has added another flavor of bacon to its signature line marketed to foodservice customers. Old Smokehouse Cinnamon Sugar Bacon uses natural cinnamon flavor, sugar and spices in its production, then it’s slowly smoked over 100% applewood to deepen the rich taste.

The Thermo Xpress Whip, a multi-functional professional whipper, has a one-quart capacity and is perfect for advance preparation of creams and sauces. The double-walled insulated bottle keeps signature whipped cream recipes cold and soups, sauces or foams hot during service periods. With its powerful iSi chargers, the Thermo Xpress Whip produces a higher whipping volume than other methods.

Jif Peanut Butter boasts more fresh-roasted peanut taste than any other leading brand. Over 2,700 fresh-roasted peanuts are sealed warm into every 2-lb. jar to ensure delicious peanut flavor. Use Jif Peanut Butter in each daypart with menu options such as Thai Peanut Slaw with Popcorn Chicken and a Thai BBQ Fajita Wrap—and see the difference it can bring to your menu profits.

The National Turkey Federation is promoting turkey as “The Perfect Protein” for foodservice operations. Take a look at NTF’s website (URL below) for recipes and resources; it was recently revamped and relaunched to reflect the public’s concern with diet and health when dining out.

Readi-Bake BeneFIT is a new “better for you” product line that uses 51% whole-wheat flour. Cookies in the line also tout zero trans fat and no hydrogenated oils, plus they are Maltitol free. It all adds up to less guilt and more healthful benefits for snacks and desserts.

Time to replace and refresh your tableware? MIKASA Hotel and Restaurant collection offers three distinct lines: Grands Chefs, Grandes Tables and Spirit New Design. This elegant collection is available in dinnerware, crystal stemware, barware, flatware and decorative accessories.

Sara Lee’s Restaurant Reserve cheesecakes provide pastry chef quality, eye appeal and taste in a range of indulgent varieties. The premium selections include a refreshing lemony California Style Cheesecake, a rich, vanilla-scented Hi-Rise New York Style Cheesecake and a decadent Swiss Chocolate Cheesecake. The desserts’ intricate decorations and toppings and beautiful presentation add an elegant ending to a fine restaurant meal. Plus the cheesecakes are easy to handle and store, and are pre-sliced for efficient thawing and serving.

Ittibitz Ice Cream adds fun to the normal ice cream scoop. Made up of small, creamy bits of ice cream, this product—an old favorite in a whimsical new form—instantly melts in your mouth.  Flavors include banana split, cotton candy, strawberry and Neapolitan. Kids won’t be able to resist Ittibitz.

For an innovative way to deliver on the tapas and small plates trend, turn to Simplot’s new Baby Potato Skins. These ready-to-fill Russet halves can hold hot crabmeat dip, cheddar cheese and bacon, pulled pork or any number of tempting tidbits to create everything from casual bar food to upscale appetizers. The IQF blanched baby potatoes arrive conveniently pre-portioned—no scooping or cutting is necessary.

Sugar in the Raw Premium Hawaiian Turbinado Sugar is derived from the initial pressing of the cane. This allows the molasses to remain in the crystals for a natural amber color.

The Dirty Rice flavor of Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice shows a Cajun influence. It’s made with a proprietary process that locks seasoning into every grain—no flavor packet, stock, or seasoning to add.

Land O’ Lakes Cocoa Classics, in six flavors, are formulated using nonfat dry milk and Dutch processed cocoa. Cappuccino Classics are available in three flavors, all made with 100% Columbian coffee.

The Whole Grains Council has launched a grassroots campaign entitled “Just Ask!” and an awards program called the “Whole Grains Challenge”. The campaign is designed to bring at least one whole grain selection to every menu in America by encouraging restaurant customers to ask questions such as “Can I get brown rice with this?” or “Does that come in a whole wheat wrap?” Any food outlet that offers at least one whole grain choice on their menu for 30 consecutive days during May, June and July is eligible to enter the Challenge.

The Kitchen Innovations Awards will be presented this month at the NRA show in Chicago. These are the products that were nominated and will be on display.

The new Scotsman Ice Systems Cube Ice Machine allows for quality ice-making in a fast and efficient foodservice system. Included in the machine is the AutoAlert—external indicator lights that continuously alert operators to the machine’s current status in the
ice-making process.

The Hobart 3000 Series Slicer provides improved cleaning accessibility, a seamless base and hose- down capabilities. With a smaller footprint, it has a larger "yield improving" knife that is removable for increased safety and ease. The “Select-a-Stroke” feature remembers required stroke length.

Master-Bilt’s Master Controller with reverse cycle defrost regulates an electric expansion valve when responding to evaporator superheat. The pre-set demand defrost feature saves energy by reducing unnecessary defrost cycles. Fewer mechanical parts mean greater efficiency.

Pitco’s Water Bath Rethermalizer is available in gas and electric models, each designed to offer 50 percent more production in the same space as previous models. It uses a Solstice burner that cuts down on preheat time and increases efficiency. 

The Randell FX Series from Unified Brands utilizes FlexiCold Technology through point of use refrigeration. This technology maintains consistent temperatures and conserves energy by operating as a refrigerator, freezer, rapid chiller or thaw box. 

The San Jamar Kleen-Brush System attaches to gooseneck or pipe sink faucets easily without tools. It rotates left and right for under-fingernail cleaning, a prime area for bacteria growth. The system is very durable and dishwasher safe.

The Solstice Supreme High Efficiency Gas Fryer from Pitco (yes, it looks just like the water bath) offers 70 percent thermal efficiency rates. The unit also includes a Self Clean Burner that keeps the fryer’s heating system calibrated to perform at the highest gas savings mode.

Meiko’s Waste Air Heat Recovery System creates free energy from the machine’s waste heat. The heat is then used to preheat incoming rinse water. This not only conserves energy, but also provides hot-water sanitization from a cold water supply.

The Electrolux Pressure Braising Pan gently and quickly cooks food under steam pressure, reducing cooking times by 50 percent while retaining vitamins, flavor and color. 

Delfield’s Versa Drawer refrigeration equipment combines four separate units into one. Each has its own controlling functions, allowing the four units to freeze, refrigerate, chill and thaw at the same time. The design prevents cross contamination; built-in service diagnostics are also included.

The Vulcan PowerSteam Floor Gas Steamer uses heated steam technology for fast and consistent cooking. Energy efficient, it has more steam output than ever before at 120,000 BTU.

Cleveland Range’s Mini Combi Oven Steamer offers the best of all worlds. It’s a full combination oven with steam and hot-air cooking and a humidity maintainer. Yet the unit’s small footprint saves kitchen space.

The BioX from American Bio-Hitech Incorporated uses a two-stage biological process to eliminate organic waste. It not only consumes large amounts of waste quickly and compactly, the unit boasts great improvements in environmental performance and cost control. 

The new XCEL Hydrovection oven is the first self-cleaning convection oven, introduced by Blodgett for the foodservice industry. The oven uses steam to loosen baked on deposits, and features a welded 304 stainless steel covered liner.

The FastBake
oven by Lincoln, an Enodis company, uses an airflow management system that reduces baking times up to 30 percent. By combining hot air under pressure, heat transfer occurs at a higher level.

The Fry-Tech gas fryer from Alto-Shaam uses a heat exchanger system to create faster oil temperature recovery. The unit is especially efficient in reducing gas demand. Lower flue temperatures also put less strain on the HVAC system. www.alto-shaam.com

Alto-Shaam’s Combitherm Smoker functions as a hot or cold smoker and offers standard combi-oven cooking with steam, convection and steam/convection blend. www.alto-shaam.com

Campus Products’ line of Silvershine cutlery dryers enables effortless drying and polishing of flatware. The UVC light and heat system ensure top sanitation, along with a reduction in labor costs.

The new ChillStar Blast/Chillers Freezers from Beverage-Air use Intelligent Food Recognition (IFR) technology. This adjusts the blast chilling cycles automatically through a multi-sensor probe, monitoring temperatures under, over and in the unit, and preventing surface freezing. 


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