AGAR Has Tips for Restaurant Operators To Build Easter Business

MASSACHUSETTS (April 4, 2011 - PRLog)—AGAR Supply Co. has released a number of seasonal or holiday-centric videos and blogs with ideas for restaurant operators looking for solutions and menu ideas. The latest focuses on dealing with rising food costs over the Easter season.

The price of lamb and for that matter, many other meats and food items have seen substantial increases in recent weeks for a number of reasons. As Easter business can be good for many in the restaurant industry, AGAR’s Corporate Executive Chef, Jeff Merry has come up with a few solutions to help increase business and lower costs .

Chef Jeff Merry suggests alternative cuts of lamb and other products to offer a restaurant operator cuts of lamb while saving food costs in the process. A Lamb Kabob is a perfect example. He suggests marinating these items in fresh olive oil, fresh herbs and garlic and then grill that recipe, which gives customers a great alternative to the traditional rack of lamb which is getting pricy.

Boned rolled tied (BRT) lamb is another great alternative to the traditional rack of lamb. Slow roasted in olive oil and fresh herbs and then sliced thin, this alternative cut of lamb is cost effective and still a great meal for customers.

Meat and Seafood pies are becoming a very popular menu item and this could set a restaurant apart from their competition.

“Easter is a time when many indulge in traditional dishes and menu items such as lamb – it is a sign of spring,” states Karen S. Bressler, president and CEO of AGAR. ”More families are eating away from home for the Easter meal.  We encourage food operators to promote the Easter brunch and dinner and offer a value so the family can afford to eat away and will choose delicious food at a value.”


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