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Avian flu has been found in more animals and a human, prompting calls for diligence

Authorities say the contamination has spread to the nation's largest egg producer and a 12th dairy herd, but the impact on prices has yet to be seen.


Build a better menu: Solving the profit vs. price puzzle

Get the tips, tools and tech restaurants need.

Discover how mastering food cost variance can significantly enhance your restaurant's profitability and operational efficiency, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive culinary industry.

While inflation is moderating, it's not moderating as much for restaurants, which are raising menu prices more aggressively as a result.

The distributor said it saw a slight deflation in prices during the end of 2023, but foresees a "very slight" climb toward mid-year.

The Bottom Line: Falling food costs give operators more options for dealing with traffic. But not all prices are falling. And the deflation could help retailers a lot more than restaurants.

A Deeper Dive: John Davie, CEO of Buyer’s Edge Platform, joins the Restaurant Business podcast to discuss technology, food costs and the outlook for inflation.

With beef inflation expected to stick around for the next few years, steakhouses and meat-focused concepts are creating strategies to manage sourcing and the menu. It's all about being flexible.

With big-name backing, Tucson operator Grant Krueger sues to prevent a farming change that's expected to drive up egg prices.

Recipe documentation is key to menu profitability. It factors ingredients, labor, yields and waste into pricing. Food costs alone no longer cut it.

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