food costs


Suddenly, pickles have become a big dill at restaurants

Brined cukes and a host of other lip-pursing options are showing up on all types of menus—and everywhere from the drinks list to the dessert array.


Restaurant menu price inflation accelerated in August

Prices at restaurants and schools continued rising last month while consumers’ total food costs hit yet another 40-year high.

Nearly 90% of operators told the National Restaurant Association that costs are higher than 2019 and many operators say they are unable to repay pandemic loans.

The "Buffalo Boneless Bar Pizza" is part of a selection of new bar food that is a departure from its traditional chicken wings, whose prices can be volatile.

The sandwich giant will add automatic slicers to its restaurants over the coming year to lower food costs and improve freshness.

When substituting ingredients, many operators may not think of fats or oils as top candidates. However, replacing butter or margarine with butter flavored oil (also known as BFO) can greatly benefit restaurant kitchens.

The burger chain’s largest operator said it believes its labor costs and commodity prices are improving, which could help its profit margins later this year.

Food costs remain historically high. But it’s increasingly looking like they have peaked. And gas prices are coming down, too.

The distributor says it has a confidential witness who can prove the big processors colluded on the volume of meat they processed, thereby inflating prices.

Smithfield Foods has agreed to settle accusations that it colluded with competitors.

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