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Virginia consumers, restaurants to bear brunt of statewide liquor price hike

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has directed the state liquor authority to raise prices as a way of closing a $2.4 billion budget deficit. Restaurateurs and consumers point out that prices are already jacked up by the third highest liquor tax rate in the nation.

Coffee-bean prices have hit their highest level in more than two years

The cost of beans has just hit a two-year high.

With few exceptions, the largest fast-food burger chains are turning their promotional spotlights this fall on choices featuring pork or chicken.

The latest wallop from California’s drought is a spike in the citrus fruit’s cost.

The fried fish sandwich is a staple in limited service, but few chains have taken a deeper dive.

Within the past 12 months, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, retail prices for beef, pork, chicken and milk hit record highs.

New food-cost threats, an example of how not to handle shareholder relations and Moe, Larry and Curly are handed spatulas.

A survey of recent promotions finds the restaurant business lapsing into its discounting habit again, despite indications that consumers want something other than a deal.

As a member of the judging panel for the second annual FARE Culinary Competition, senior editor Pat Cobe shares the trends.

Citing a climb in coffee costs, the beverages giant says it will selectively increase prices. The hike will be lowest on cups of coffee and highest on bags of beans.