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Dickey’s put a restaurant up for sale. Its franchisee was surprised

The fast casual’s franchisees say they’re struggling with its price restrictions, coupled with high costs. And one operator says the barbecue chain put her store on the market without her knowledge.


What to expect with food prices in the coming months

A Deeper Dive: Commodities expert David Maloni joins the podcast to talk about the state of commodity prices and explains why beef costs are rising and chicken prices remain low.

They say a decision Thursday by the U.S. Supreme Court is certain to increase growers' costs while cutting into supplies.

The fast-food restaurant chains are using artificial intelligence to make their weekly supply orders, which is designed to increase accuracy and cut back on food waste.

Smarter sourcing, menu and labor management, coupled with tech advancements, are working to improve front- and back-of-house efficiencies and the customer experience.

More restaurants are finding new and innovative ways to cross-utilize ingredients in their kitchens. Operators say it promotes creativity while lowering food costs. And consumers are increasingly demanding it.

Chicken wing supplies and prices are back to pre-COVID or better levels, and operators are reaping the rewards and passing value on to consumers.

The Bottom Line: Producer prices for food declined more than 1% last month, though eggs and beef were up. And restaurant sales declined.

Do they share the pain with patrons or sacrifice margin to spare guests from unpleasant surprises?

More acquisitions, slowing food costs, omnichannel business models and evolving loyalty programs all featured prominently in operators’ presentations during the three-day event in Orlando.

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