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USDA: Chicken Consumption Doubled since 1970

In those 34 years, the amount of chicken that consumers ate increased from 27.4 pounds per person to 59.2 pounds of boneless, edible weight. The USDA noted...


Knowing cheese, buying cheese

Although most operators order cheese by name, there are specific categories that the dairy industry uses to describe cheeses for foodservice buyers.

A yearlong review of weekend business at Nacional 27 in Chicago showed that many tables for four were seated with just two diners.

I am happy to be working with the staff of ID Access on providing distributors, manufacturers, and associations with articles that I am hopeful all will find...

Like other commodities, the laws of supply and demand go a long way in determining beef prices.

"The President's agriculture budget provides important resources for farmers and ranchers, while doing our part to avoid passing on the deficit to our...

To feed Americans’ never-ending appetite for beef, the cattle industry is making new and underutilized cuts more available to restaurateurs.

We've rooted around beneath the sales reps, the pricing strategies and the cost structures of foodservice distributors to see how things really work.

Not so long ago, only a restaurant chain like McDonald's or Applebee's could get a major food manufacturer to produce ingredients just for them.

Not so long ago, only a restaurant chain with the heft of a McDonald's or an Applebee's or a Red Lobster could get a major food manufacturer to produce...