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Food safety is still an issue—here’s how technology can help

Food safety remains a critical concern for restaurants, as it not only affects the health and well-being of their customers but can also have significant financial and reputational consequences.


The attacks on ServSafe badly need a scrubbing

Sweet & Sour: Critics are blasting the life-saving program as a con job. They apparently prefer to kill the truth instead of germs.

Six have sent a letter to the National Restaurant Association asking for more details about how the group uses proceeds from the food-safety program to fund lobbying.

The National Restaurant Association has been sued for using the proceeds to fund its lobbying. The plaintiffs want the practice stopped and reimbursement of the $15 that any employee paid for the course.

Reality Check: A union-affiliated group is blasting ServSafe as an underhanded way of defeating pro-employee legislation. What exactly is the deception? And what about the program's benefits?

Restaurants may have to update their recording processes if they deal in certain products, including seafood and cheese.

Cultivated meat is grown directly from animal cells, which eliminates the resources needed to raise and farm animals for food production.

It intends to adopt a new regulatory framework that could keep contaminated product out of the supply chain.

The experts are looking for the source of an outbreak in the Midwest while warning restaurants, supermarkets and consumers about a ground beef contamination in Hawaii.

The individuals are actually con artists looking to shake down establishments for bogus fines, according to the state's attorney general.

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