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Arkansas warns restaurants to watch out for bogus sanitation inspectors

The individuals are actually con artists looking to shake down establishments for bogus fines, according to the state's attorney general.


Outbreak proves plant-based meat can pose a food-safety risk, too

A lawsuit has been brought against the supplier of a ground-beef substitute that's suspected of having sickened 470 people. The problem ingredient has yet to be identified.

Establishments will have until January to find alternatives, with one narrow exception.

The suspect shellfish have been traced back to harvesting areas in British Columbia.

The burrito chain, which faced widespread foodborne illness outbreaks in 2015, said the radio-frequency identification system will help it better respond to food safety and quality worries.

Where consumers may have been looking for an exciting menu or great atmosphere as their only needs when choosing where to dine, they may now be looking for other things, such as tables with more distance between them, staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) or visible cleaning schedules.

The CDC said the whole red, yellow and white onions were distributed to restaurants and stores in the U.S. by ProSource.

The infection has now sickened 419 consumers in 35 states, with 66 people hospitalized.

But the authorities said they lack sufficient evidence to say what ingredient of the cup might be the contaminant. Meanwhile, the victims' list has grown to 279.

As the demand for off-premise dining continues to grow, operators need to make adjustments to ensure customers are receiving the same level of quality and safety they would if their meal were consumed in house.

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