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Chicago restaurants win mayor’s support for keeping a tip credit

But the wage-hike plan from Lori Lightfoot would raise the city’s minimum pay to $15 an hour by July 2021.


A restaurateur’s guide to the 2018 midterm elections

Several proposals on state and local ballots could profoundly impact restaurants. Here’s a rundown.

A new study shows a huge gap between the pay required by law and what employees in demand are actually making.

A coalition of labor, religious and community groups is planning a weeklong drive for $15 an hour.

A new proposal that would set different wage rates for Portland and the rest of the state is facing resistance from local restaurants.

Things can go wrong for restaurants in truly unique ways. Here's a slab of proof, gathered from just the last few days.

Restaurants and other employers will face the challenge of meeting different minimums in different areas.

The plan that has reportedly won the support of some parties would call for a pause to study the effects of the stepped increases.

A complicated plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all restaurant workers was just one provision of the budget that will impose new employment burdens.

In a special edition, we go spelunking into the issues that preoccupied the restaurant business’s premier gathering of free thinkers, the industry Woodstock known as the Restaurant Leadership Conference.

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