Calif.’s wage hikes prove an uneven burden, study finds

Chains have had an easier time adjusting, while full-service independents, particularly in low-income areas, suffer the biggest wallop.


Dealing with diet demands

Operators are ramping up training to meet customers’ current eating preferences.

Overhauled units have seen sales rise an average of 9%, according to its president.

Two solar farms are currently feeding the restaurants, with six more due to come online.

The chain will test new technology to streamline a.m. service, part of a larger push to provide more convenience and higher-quality items.

A local trade group is pushing for concessions to protect brick-and-mortar establishments and their customers.

The decision comes as more jurisdictions are eyeing bans on cashless establishments, saying they discriminate against low-income consumers.

On the second day of the Restaurant Leadership Conference, speakers focused on how to compete.

The system’s two largest operators both announced switches in their management ranks.

After a busy 2018, the company is now focused on improving speed and marketing its new strategies to bolster traffic.