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Rich folks taking a bigger bite out of fast food

Even as the economy continues its slow recovery, wealthy Americans are gravitating toward fast-food restaurants. According to a new American Express study, the “ultra-affluent”—those defined as consumers who charge $7000 or more a month on their credit cards—are slowly increasing their spending on luxury items while trying to remain frugal in other areas, such as eating out.

Rehbein Named Representative of the Year for Arby’s

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (October 25, 2011)—Angela Rehbein, National Accounts Manager for Systems Services of America, has been named National Account Representative...

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Temple Grandin still remembers a day, back in 1999, when she led a restaurant vice president on his first tour of a slaughterhouse.

When Bill King's parents went out for dinner decades ago, they did something unusual for the time.

There are basically three purchasing options when it comes to buying bar mixers: generic mixes (the cheapest); high-quality branded products (moderate); and house-made versions using fresh ingredients (most expensive).

The highest-volume purchases for most sit-down breakfast programs are typically bacon and eggs. Industry pros help you make smarter buys.

Count on chicken and turkey to pack a lot of punch for your purchasing dollars.

Several culinary trends have converged to push pasta and rice out of the sidelines and into the limelight. For one, there’s the explosion of Asian, Latin...

CHICAGO (November 29, 2011)—As convenience stores continue offering busy consumers more options for meals and snacks, new research by Technomic finds...

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