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The blog from award-winning journalist, RB Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo. Peter taps into his decades of experience covering the restaurant business at a variety of publications to discuss any number of issues related to the operations and general direction of restaurants.

Consumer Trends

Why legalized weed could be a boon to the restaurant business

It looks like Canadian restaurateurs will reap the benefits first, but U.S. operators need to catch up, big time.


This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Reviewed and rated

What’s more likely to turn heads, the next chapter in Burgerville’s union dealings, or the fourth bun-related restaurant closure of the week? Check out these and the industry’s other jaw-dropping developments of recent days.

With little notice, one pizza powerhouse is re-thinking where the restaurant pack is heading.

The chain’s publicity stunt was run up a flagpole, and it flew.

We interrupt the restaurant industry's steady onslaught of challenges to bring you this download of solutions, including a killer way to find help this summer. Wipe away the tears of joy and read on.

Long before he was a potential candidate for the Oval Office, the force behind Starbucks provided an up-close indication of what he was like when the cameras aren't recording. Here's that personal recollection.

The problem isn't oversupply. It's under-demand.

Utterances had intent listeners doing a double take. Here's why heads were turned.

Restaurants found themselves knee-deep in the swamp of politics and social controversy this week. Here are the gloppy details.

New York City operators push back with an angry-sounding manifesto for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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