The future of wine

Some changes are afoot in the wine industry, according to a recent survey conducted by Wine Intelligence. The study polled leading wine professionals from around the world on what they expect to see in the wine industry over the next 20 years. While the survey noted that consumers will continue to want to drink wine, it predicts that at-home food and wine consumption will rise, taking business away from restaurants and bars. The survey also reveals that consumers’ preferences will change, and those producing and selling wine will have to adjust to meet these needs.

Notably for operators, perhaps, is that the majority of respondents (82%) feel that changes in wine packaging—to more convenient or eco-friendly models—will  influence the wine market as a whole. While traditional wine bottles will not go away, there will be more options available for purchase. This includes everything from wine kegs, to environmentally conscious pouches and boxes, to personal-size packages. This, in turn, will create more choices for stocking wine.

The competition from other alcoholic beverages will continue to grow steeper for wine, the report asserts. Between craft beers, cocktails, new spirits and local specialties, adult-beverage options are increasing. All of these different categories will up their game in terms of marketing, packaging and other efforts to try and ensure a share of the market and a presence on bar shelves. 


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