Menu shrinkage is out. Customized, labor-saving menu strategies move in

Cross-training, chef-driven speed-scratch ingredients and operational shortcuts help meet back-of-house labor challenges post-pandemic without sacrificing innovation.


A federal court reinstates a lawsuit alleging Sysco shorted restaurants on chicken deliveries

The revived lawsuit charges the distributor from under-filling 40-pound cartons of chicken. It asks that the suit be certified as a class action.

In a move to upgrade quality, all of the chain’s proteins, veggies and grains will be cooked with EVOO starting Tuesday.

When it comes to sustainability in the restaurant industry, simplicity and an emphasis on the bottom line remain key.

Brian Knutson and his U.S. Olympic Committee foodservice team started working on menus last September. This July, he visits Paris to lay the groundwork.

To keep costs in check, operators are frequently evaluating vendors, re-engineering the menu, running specials and keeping a closer watch on inventory and waste to avoid more menu price hikes.

With fresh proteins and produce sometimes tough to get and kitchen help even tougher, value-added frozen products can help ease the crunch.

When it comes to television programming and sports in restaurants, the benefits are undeniable: Customers come in for specific programming they want to see, often bringing bigger dining parties, spending more and leaving more satisfied overall.

Operators are sourcing small-batch products to support producers and connect with customers through their stories.

Here are three things foodservice operators should consider when selecting an entertainment provider.

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