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Supply chain execs get more respect—and pay, study finds

A survey of procurement specialists also points to renewed respect for purchasing and distribution functions.


Despite supply issues, Wendy’s sales climb nearly to 2019 levels

The burger chain said same-store sales were down just 1.9% for May.

As restaurants scale back or stop operations, the demand for supplies continues to rise in retail.

Don Crocker moves up to chief development officer, and Chris Held joins the Buffalo Wild Wings parent as chief supply officer.

Operators are keeping an eye on food costs and the possible effects on consumer spending.

When fusion was the trend of the moment, some chefs tried too hard to globalize menus. In too many kitchens, the result was confusion—on the plate and the palate.

One study has found that overall foodservice revenues are up, but profits are not.

Some of America’s most active commodity boards respond to key agricultural issues and share their latest news.

Pair non-alcoholic drinks with food to increase your profits.

As interest in beer continues to grow, brews are taking their legitimate place at the table alongside wine as an equally fine complement to food.Many...

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