Supply chain kinks snag menu planning

Flexibility is the new mantra, as restaurants are forced to make last-minute switches when products don’t show up at the back door or prices go through the roof.


A decade later, progress to stop the use of gestation crates remains slow

In 2012, McDonald’s and other restaurant companies committed to sourcing pork only from pigs raised in open housing by 2022. The deadline is here, but can they meet it?

The build-your-own bowl concept has expanded its focus through a brand and menu refresh.

The USDA restarted its inspection program Friday after halting avocado imports from Mexico a week ago.

Restaurants are developing new strategies to navigate product shortages, delays and distribution headaches.

Sourcing beef and pork from smaller local producers will alleviate some supply chain headaches. And it’s not necessarily more expensive.

The president's plan addresses only one problem afflicting the pipeline, and that's not enough, according to RB's Reality Check.

A survey of procurement specialists also points to renewed respect for purchasing and distribution functions.

The burger chain said same-store sales were down just 1.9% for May.

As restaurants scale back or stop operations, the demand for supplies continues to rise in retail.

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