Consumer Trends

Expanding the palate in 2012

Sensient Flavors, using a proprietary predictive process that filters trends from a macro level, has predicted that in 2012, customers will follow their taste buds to restaurants offering new and exciting flavor profiles. These are the ingredients and flavors they see in the forefront.

  • Aji Amarillo: A bright orange chile from South America offering medium heat and fruity notes
  • Black Garlic: A well-known Asian flavor that is sweet and syrupy
  • Coriander: Seed of the coriander plant that has a fragrant profile with warm citrus spice notes
  • Honeycrisp Apple: Offers a complex profile of sweet, tart and juicy notes
  • Lucuma: Native to South America, offering a sweet flavor profile with hints of maple, sweet potato and caramel
  • Peach Rosemary: A unique combination of the sweet freshness of peach and the earthy, piney aromatic notes of rosemary
  • Pink Peppercorn: A dried berry from the Baies rose plant, offering sweet, warm and spicy notes with a citrus and earthy undertone
  • Plum: Offers a sweet, tart and juicy profile
  • Spicy Caramel: A reinvention of the classic that pairs the sweet brown profile of caramel with subtle spice and heat notes
  • Varietal Vanilla: A re-imagination of vanilla, offering 3 different varietals sourced from Europe, South America and Asia to create multiple levels of depth

“As we researched these mega trends for the 2012 Sensient Flavor predictions, an underlying theme emerged which reflected a consumer desire for and interest in ‘discovery’.  That is, consumers today are increasingly open to—and even seek—new flavor profiles in both the food and beverages they purchase,” says Jim Shepherd, Director of Beverage Solutions at Sensient Flavors.


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