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The future of plant-based meats and proteins

Suppliers and operators are moving past burgers and breakfast meats to grow along with the plant protein trend.


Fruit takes plant-based menuing to a colorful, flavorful new level

With restaurant restrictions tightening in many states across the country, streamlined and optimized menus are more important than ever.

This comes as no surprise—name brands can provide an answer to many of consumers’ biggest concerns when they visit a restaurant.

For restaurants, the opportunity to get creative with plant-based foods is high, especially when incorporating global flavors.

Versatile, low-labor ingredients make menu development easy.

Frozen soups can be used for a number of different recipes, the cost to add them to the menu is balanced out by the versatility they bring to the table.

For operators, soup is an ideal product and is hearty enough for entree status and is easy to package for takeout.

Adding even a few natural ingredients into dishes can help meet consumer demands.

Menu simplification allows operators to reap multiple benefits from inventory efficiencies

For operators that want to add authentic flavors, using authentic ingredients is key. Using California Hispanic-style cheeses helps enhance the flavor of dishes.

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