Case Study: How Buddy’s Kitchen Upgrades Menu Items with Ease—and How Restaurants Can Benefit

When it comes to offering signature menu items, sometimes all it takes is adding the sweetness of fruit. Learn more today.


Shake Shack rolls out veggie burger that involves actual vegetables

The new Veggie Shack, made with mushrooms, sweet potato, carrots and grains, goes national this week. It's not vegan, but aims for consumers looking for less-processed meat alternatives.

The fast-food chicken-sandwich chain is jumping on the plant-based bandwagon with a cauliflower version of its most popular menu item.

Guests can harvest the produce if they want to cook in their in-room kitchens. The herbs and vegetables will also garnish the complimentary breakfast service.

When substituting ingredients, many operators may not think of fats or oils as top candidates. However, replacing butter or margarine with butter flavored oil (also known as BFO) can greatly benefit restaurant kitchens.

Pork supplies were expected to drop steeply on Aug. 15 because of new farming regulations. But the rules were postponed under an unusual agreement between industry and government.

As consumers return to eating breakfast at restaurants, operators are working overtime to ensure customer satisfaction stays high even amid challenges such as labor shortages and supply chain issues.

The action focuses on the potential dangers of PFAS, a large class of chemicals commonly found in food wraps and containers.

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking ways to promote wellness across all aspects of their lives, and unsurprisingly, eating a healthy diet is a cornerstone. Currently, the growing appeal of plant-based foods and diets is likely correlated with the growing number of consumers preferring a healthier diet—and for that reason, it’s crucial that operators develop strategies to leverage each of these trends in conjunction.

Suppliers and operators are moving past burgers and breakfast meats to grow along with the plant protein trend.

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