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Technomic 2006

The latest edition says appetizers displayed modest growth while healthy menu items experienced strong growth.The Trend Tracker report offers a new snapshot.

Editor's note: Dog daze

My dog, a lesser wit in the realm of statistics, is a veritable Einstein in spotting possibility.

The role of the research and development chef is to provide creative culinary services to the development team.

Choice Food Group acquired on Monday, May 1, a local packaging plant that previously housed manufacturing operations for Portion Pac, Inc., a H. J. Heinz...

New Jersey has enacted foodservice rules that stipulate that employees who come into contact with food must wash their hands first."Consumers will enjoy...

Chefs flock to chicken, turkey and other birds for inventive, crowd-pleasing dishes.

Absinthe is back, and it’s not so bad for you after all.

As sushi continues its conquest of the mainstream, it’s becoming more and more clear that raw fish was only the first wave of a Japanese culinary invasion. Over the past two to three years, one Japanese concept after another has hit our shores with only a passing glance toward sushi—if there’s any recognition at all. They are authentic, specialized and high concept.

“Usually relegated to a topping or an accompaniment to the dessert star, frozen desserts are coming into their own with new flavors, styles and...

CHICAGO (Nov. 20, 2009 - Business Wire)—How do you follow up a wild year of $5 menus, gourmet meals for paupers’ prices and buy one get one restaurant...

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