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Gallons of excitement are simmering in the soup pot these days. Although a cup or bowl of soup has long been a standard menu starter, restaurants are now offering more inspired choices and many rotating selections

Adding a daypart

When Smokey Bones changed its name from “Barbeque & Grill” to “Bar & Fire Grill” in 2009, the rebranding didn’t stop with the signage. The 10-year old concept began remodeling its 67 restaurants to focus on the bar, making the area larger and installing TVs, high-tops and stools to encourage socializing

The 56th Summer Fancy Food Show, organized by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NAFST), took place from June 27-29 in New York City. It’s the largest marketplace for specialty food and beverages in the U.S., with 2,400 exhibitors from 80 countries showcasing 180,000 products. The NAFST picked a panel of food experts to spot the major trends at the show. Here's what stood out.

Several culinary trends have converged to push pasta and rice out of the sidelines and into the limelight. For one, there’s the explosion of Asian, Latin...

Aweakened dollar, high commodity costs and increased global demand for seafood are combining to push up prices this season. Fernando Navas, corporate chef for the six-location SushiSamba, names “price” as his number one sourcing challenge.

For many of you, the title of this article refers to what you do while cooking for your family at home—wooden spoon in one hand, wine glass in the other...

Bun Lai, chef-owner of Miya’s Sushi in New Haven, Connecticut, came up with a creative solution to sustainable sourcing: he menus the very fish that are threatening the ecosystem.

In one corner, c-stores, trying to reinvent themselves and steal customers from restaurants by beefing up the quality and quantity of their food.

Judging from its name, one might think CiCi’s Pizza is all about one thing. But the 550-unit chain offers an endless buffet filled with soups, salads,...

Colorful, wholesome fruit is moving beyond its everyday snack and juice roles to inspire a host of new menu items and products that offer good health, flavor adventure or even an artisan experience. Fresh Takes on Fruit: Culinary Trend Mapping Report finds that fresh fruit has a welcome in every daypart, from breakfast to the late night snack

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