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Cold weather drinks heat up

Coffee and tea are served year-round, but come winter, operators start filling mugs with more inventive hot beverages. And cocoa is gaining steam.


Birds flock to the menu

Although chicken and turkey costs are trending slightly upward, they are still better buys than red meat.

Soy sauce is both remarkably complex and extraordinarily simple: complex because it contains more than 300 individual flavor components and amino acids that give it a distinctive flavor and bouquet; and simple because it is made from just four ingredients—water, wheat, soybeans and salt—transformed through fermentation.

Bottom line: A very specific need here: a restaurant needs to do a cooking demo on TV and doesn’t know best practices. If they do it right not only will...

CHICAGO (September 27, 2011 - PR Newswire)—A new report released by Technomic examines the menus of 100 independent restaurants across the U.S to identify...

Casual-dining pioneer T.G.I. Friday’s has invested in elevating its menu ingredients.

None of Kona Grill's restaurants are located in a state that requires menu labeling, but that hasn't stopped the company from getting ready to comply with upcoming federal regulations. Those regulations haven't been finalized yet, but it could happen before the end of the year.

This week: inhaling food and other substances. Plus: Darden makes a big bet on aquaculture-raised lobster. And the upside of bankrupt cities.

Consumers' perception of what is considered healthy eating at restaurants is changing. Patrons are taking more of a balanced and personal approach; they're seeking out better-for-you foods offset by occasional indulgences. And health-halo claims like "local," "natural," "organic," "sustainable," "whole-wheat" and "free-range" are increasingly driving food choices, according to Technomic's Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report.

CORAL BEACH, FL (May 29, 2013 - The Packer)—Touting fresh U.S. blueberries and California strawberries as key ingredients, Wendy’s restaurants are again...

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