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Consumer Trends

4 new ways to attract families to your restaurant

These promotion ideas offer a more sophisticated take on “kids eat free”.

Consumer Trends

Is your kids menu ready to go?

Explore ways to appeal to busy parents and little appetites.

According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2019 State of the Restaurant Industry report, 39% of adults say they’re not eating on-premises at restaurants as often as they’d like. For resta...

Operators can appeal to parents by including the kids’ menu in off-premise offerings.

Check out these four ways to turn summertime street food faves into conveniently portioned soups.

Check out what's trending in the world of soup to prep for the warm season.

Check out these ways that unique toppings can help boost soup’s appeal.

Here's how restaurants can step up to the plate and satisfy both the parents’ desire for better-for-you options and kids’ desire for tasty food.

It's crucial for family restaurants to offer kid-friendly menu items as well as family-friendly atmospheres. Here are some tips for upping your restaurant's family appeal.