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Is to-go here to stay for casual dining?

In a webinar focused on the issue preoccupying casual operators today, three battlefield observers will explore how to-go business changed during the crisis and what the lasting effects may be for takeout, delivery and catering.


How Restaurants Are Responding to COVID-19 Crisis

Turning to takeout and delivery can make up for some lost revenue, but in the long term, that may not be enough to stay in business.

Test your knowledge of industry best practices, what consumers want and more, and see how your restaurant stacks up.

Give menus a refresh with trending ingredients and flavors.

For operators, soup is an ideal product and is hearty enough for entree status and is easy to package for takeout.

Determining which items generate the most profit yields insights that can help you tweak recipes, pricing and overall menu composition.

Frozen soups can be used for a number of different recipes, the cost to add them to the menu is balanced out by the versatility they bring to the table.

Operators can simply menu portioned cups of their soup of the day, along with pre-prepared sandwich or salad options, to capture the business of busy lunch-seekers.

Here’s a look at how restaurant footprints are changing to give operators a competitive advantage.

Several sauces from around the world stand to become “the next Sriracha." Take a look at these contenders.

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