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Potatoes are perhaps the greatest shape-shifters on the menu. From breakfast through dinner, from the drive-thru and take-out to the full-service eatery, consumers are typically happy to see spuds making an appearance on the menu.

And it’s no wonder: With potatoes taking countless forms in a wide variety of dishes, customers are unlikely to get tired of them. In fact, they’re ordering them all day. According to Technomic’s 2019 Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report, hash browns are consumers’ No. 2 choice (after bacon) for a side at breakfast. At lunch, consumers mainly look for fried or potato-based sides: Fries, baked potatoes and mashed potatoes are consumers’ first, third and fifth most preferred lunch sides, respectively. The same three sides, in the same order, are top three at dinner.

Potatoes aren’t always as easy for operators to prepare as they are for consumers to love, however. Whole, raw potatoes require several steps to prepare, including washing, peeling, slicing, shredding and mashing before operators can serve them. With a steady stream of diners ordering potato dishes throughout the day, simplifying the potato-prep process can be a game changer for operators looking to save time and labor.

Idahoan is here to help during this challenging time for restaurants, with products that are quick and simple to use, saving operators time, labor and money. If a restaurant is doing more takeout and delivery service now, Idahoan’s products are a great option to offer, as they hold up well and maintain their integrity and flavor during transport. Plus, Idahoan’s products are shelf-stable.

Fresh-dried potato products provide a solution. They require no tedious chopping, skinning or boiling, so preparing them can be as simple as adding hot water. Plus, many fresh-dried potato products from Idahoan include seasonings and spices, eliminating the need to measure, taste and adjust. And with an extended shelf life and no refrigeration or freezing required, dried potato products preserve precious fridge space.

With Idahoan, there’s no need to sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience. Idahoan’s fresh-dried potato products are made with 100% Certified Idaho® Potatoes, a stamp of approval that ensures quality and consistency every time. With fresh potato flavor and texture guaranteed from field to fork, Idahoan’s products integrate seamlessly into operators’ potato recipes.

Idahoan’s pre-grated hash browns transform effortlessly to fit any flavor profile, whether used in a cheesy side with broccoli, served cold in a potato salad fit for a picnic or even sautéed and tossed with garlic, chili paste and soy sauce for a Thai-inspired flair. Scalloped potatoes are perfect for a casserole when layered with bell peppers, quinoa and white cheddar, or they can be served Italian-style with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and Romano cheese. And, of course, mashed potatoes are a tried-and-true favorite. Jazz them up with baked potato toppings such as blue cheese, bacon and chives or with savory bacon bits and smoked Gouda for a comforting homestyle option that will please crowds.

Time-saving tricks in the kitchen don’t necessitate a decrease in quality for the consumer. With Idahoan’s fresh-dried products made exclusively with potatoes from Idaho, back-of-house shortcuts come with the quality, consistency and great taste that will keep customers coming back. To learn more, visit

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