As a savory side dish or the base of a hearty entree, grits are a versatile addition to the global kitchen.  Made from coarsely ground corn, they are creamy and comforting, rustic and refined, and can work well with an endless variety of toppings.

Dirt Candy
New York, NY
Stone ground grits, pickled shitakes, tempura poached egg; $16

Los Angeles, CA
Anson Mills grits with aged cheddar; $10

Table Fifty Two
Chicago, IL
Low-country shrimp with stone ground grits; $16

Dogwood Restaurant
Atlanta, GA
Anson Mills blue grits with duck confit and herb mustard; $6

Spring Hill Restaurant & Bar
Seattle, WA
24 hour short ribs over Anson Mills grits with brussels sprouts and a caper-lemon relish; $27

Cheeky Monkey Deli
Saint Paul, MN
Soft grits with bacon and cheddar; $3

LL Dent
Carle Place, NY
Seared salmon with sausage, spinach, onions and peppers served over grits; $20

Mitchum’s Steakhouse
Trappe, MD
Marvesta sauteed shrimp and cheddar cheese grits with andouille sausage; $13


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