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New twists on takeout

After five months of to-go meals, operators are trying to tempt consumers with creative menu and packaging spins.


Plant-based meats make menu news

Restaurants are featuring branded products in breakfast sandwiches, burgers and more.

To lure guests back to restaurants, bars, catered meetings and overnight stays, hotels are creating strict guidelines and innovative changes.

Golden Chick dedicated resources and R&D muscle into differentiating its new offering.

The pace of menu development is picking up as stay-at-home orders lift.

Grilling kits, picnic boxes and more are available to kick off the holiday weekend at home.

Kitchens are adding takeout and delivery dinners that feed larger groups.

The pandemic is forcing operators to come up with creative solutions to feed their customers.

Here’s a roundup of current menu highlights and LTOs.

A roundup of recent winter beverage items launched at chain restaurants.

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