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3 questions for Stephen J. Sather

stephen sather

1. Was there a decision or move you look back upon now and laugh?

When we were first starting to revive the brand, and I was shopping with my wife, I snuck away into the men’s dressing room and called [VP of Marketing] Mark [Hardison], who was at a soccer game with his kids. We were just so excited about what we were doing and wanted to get to it. (Recalls Hardison: “I remember asking him, ‘So how do you like Nordstrom?’”)

2. What’s the best advice you ever got?

The best advice I ever got is the tip about recognizing people’s strengths and keeping them in those areas, to focus on their strengths, instead of trying to change their weaknesses.

3. What have you learned from mistakes or failures?

Because of my style, I’m not afraid to take a risk, but it has to be strategically thought out. If it is, and I screw up, I’m not going to sit around and cry, I’m going to come up with plan B.

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