Recipes can be revised, marketing plans can be rewritten, management teams can be rebuilt. But resetting a corporate culture, the strategic foundation for any and every change, is like sculpting a statue out of smoke. There’s no switch to flick or gizmo to install, yet Chipotle knew its reboot depended on reengineering a 25-year-old collective mindset that many saw as weighty baggage. Marissa Andrada was brought aboard two years ago from Kate Spade & Co. to be the catalyst for the redefinition. Her efforts have been key to Chipotle’s reemergence as a standout employer, with benefits that include crew-level quarterly bonuses, free tuition for employees seeking a technology or business-related degree, and accessibility to mental health care. And that’s for a workforce of 80,000 employees. Insiders say she’s been an unsung force in the brand’s jaw-dropping rejuvenation.