As Sheilina Henry climbs her own career ladder, advancing from an area coach with Pizza Hut to an Outback Steakhouse joint venture partner to a regional vice president with the chain, it becomes all the more important to raise others up along with her, she says. Henry, who was recently promoted to Midwest regional vice president for Outback, says she was just a single-unit operator the first year she attended the Women’s Foodservice Forum. This year, she’s taking a Bloomin’ Brands delegation to the leadership conference. “I’ve been pretty passionate at Bloomin’ Brands about advancing women leaders and making sure we collaborate more often as female leaders,” Henry said.

In her new role with Outback, Henry oversees 100 corporate restaurants, spending part of her day analyzing the business and deciding where to put her focus. “The best part of my day is spent talking to Outbackers in their restaurants,” she says. Henry was hailed as a “constant beacon of light” by Outback President Gregg Scarlett, who noted that she has an unwavering commitment to the success of whatever team she is leading.