The restaurant industry’s leadership preferences tend to go in cycles. In a trying economic environment, finance veterans appear to have an inside track to the CEO’s job. When competition spikes, it’s the marketing specialists who have the edge. And if a segment is exploding, ops veterans are often the Yodas every contender wants. What, then, would a headhunter make of Sami Siddiqui? He’s studied science, technology and business, earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, and spent time with The Blackstone Group, the New York Yankees of the finance community. He’s been a dealmaker, helping Burger King’s parent add Tim Hortons to its fold, as well as an operator, first as president of Hortons’ Canadian operations, then in his current role overseeing Burger King’s business and Popeyes’ expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. It’s hard to imagine a young executive with a broader-based career to date—and one who’s in a better position to become the head of a major top 100 brand.