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Betting on blended burgers

A blended option at Burgh'ers now brings in 10-15% of weekly revenue.


Dessert time, anytime

Full-service operators move sweets beyond the after-dinner niche to capture sales.

These recipes focus on global preparations and other dishes with smaller portions of meat balanced by vegetables, fruit and other ingredients. Read on to find out how.

Forecasters weigh in on what will impact menus next year.

As the holiday season kicks into gear, catered events and parties are added to many operators’ workloads. To meet the catering challenge, start with these recipes.

Now that chillier weather has arrived, add something new and satisfying to the menu rotation with one of these recipes, each hearty enough to be an entree.

These recipes are a perfect way to celebrate National Vegan Month and to introduce new dishes to customers. They feature hearty ingredients combined in inventive ways.

Hurricanes, fires and cyclones are going to affect 2018 food costs.

As customers continue to seek out global flavors, operators are expanding their repertoire to more parts of the world. Here are five favorites.

To extend its reach and better compete with local restaurants, a college dining operation is leaning into meal kits.

It’s the perfect time of year to add heartier foods to the menu. These five recipes offer seasonal inspiration. Read on for dishes that fit the autumn season.

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