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Reshaping pizza dough

Nate Weir, director of culinary operations at Denver-based Modmarket, was on a mission: to create a better pizza—not just better than the growing number of customizable fast-casual concepts, he says, but better than the Neapolitan pies tossed at high-end pizzerias.


Mini muffins, max sales

These mini breakfast bites meet both goals, says Director of Product Development Michelle Stene, and since September, they’re a core menu item at all 302 U.S. locations.

In the NRA’s What’s Hot survey released this week, many of the same broad trends reported in recent years popped up again on the Top 10 list.

Restaurant menus will be shaped to a marked degree next year by kitchens’ efforts to control food costs, influencing but not supplanting culinary trends.

During Pat Cobe's recent trip to Paris, she observed some Parisian best practices that are worth sharing and perhaps adapting to the American restaurant scene.

Building a strong corporate culture is key to running a successful restaurant company today, agreed four CEOs of chains.

Although sandwich consumption is high—people eat more than three per week, reports Chicago research firm Technomic—there’s a lot more competition to differentiate with flavors and ingredients in the quick-service and fast-casual sandwich segment.

Operators feeling the pain from high beef prices are looking for ways to menu proteins that are more profitable. They might take a few cues from Puerto Rico—a country that gives the pig a place of honor at the table.

As protein prices continue to climb, operators are taking a closer look at pasta to help balance food costs.

The challenge: to create a “home-run” salmon dish that could supplant the grilled salmon that had been on Brio Tuscan Grill’s menu since day one.

Research and experience have revealed ways to write menu descriptors that sell as much as they describe. Here’s a review.

Mahogany woodwork, tufted leather upholstery, prosecco on tap—this isn’t anything like the other 1,700 Denny’s around the U.S.

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