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Bonus head-turning moments of the week: Lightning round from FARE

Mixed into three days of insights and education at the cross-channel foodservice conference were these six aha moments.

NRA reminds public that Obamacare still needs work

Citing the Supreme Court’s decision affirming a key provision of the White House’s healthcare plan, the association noted that other issues have yet to be addressed legislatively.

No trend is harder to spot than the one that’s creeping toward ubiquity. This week, signs of four were unmistakable.

No sooner did the judge hand down his decision than Sysco alerted the industry and investors that it would devote a few days to exploring its options.

McDonald's reaches beyond dollar deals with bargain bundles, Del Frisco's Grille's messaging woes and Bob Evans boasts 100 percent cracked-from-shell eggs.

Sysco says it will reassess and decide in the next few days what to do but cited the possibility of ending its attempt at a merger.

The distribution company said it has no edge over the restaurant industry as a whole in knowing what a judge will say about the $8-billion deal.

An environmental group says the new devices would significantly cut energy and water use.

Keith Kinsey will assume leadership of the hot dog operation from founder Dick Portillo. Noodles & Company has yet to name a new president or COO.

The longtime industry veteran assumes day-to-day responsibilities from American Blue Ribbon CEO Hazem Ouf.

Some of the nutrition world’s biggest brains offered practical advice during the CIA’s Menus of Change conference for boosting sales and profits.

The fast-casual chain will add farro while experimenting with new kale uses and sodas made without HFCS and artificial flavorings.

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