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‘Shroom at the Inn

Mushroom season inspires big sales opportunities. The Little River Inn in Mendocino, Calif., is promoting its 6th Annual Mushroom & Beer Dinner as a “culinary adventure” centering on the mushrooms that sprout in the wilds of northern California at this time of year. Each course of the Nov. 8 dinner is paired with a barrel-aged beer from the Russian River Brewing Co.

They probably ain’t lovin’ it

McDonald’s acknowledged Monday that two of its evergreen sales builders failed to do the trick this time, in part because of pricing and spicing.

Taxes may be inevitable, but at least they’re a little more tolerable for businesses in Nevada, Florida and Washington, according to a new ranking of the 50 states by their commercial tax codes.

Marketing lines that few restaurants dared to cross are being trampled into oblivion.

Can Burger King snap the long string of fast-food products that delivered on health but were a bust sales-wise? Is the mainstream finally ready to feel better as well as full?

We’ve killed the Monkey. From now on, our site will be known as, playing off its 111-year-old print sister. Call us crazy, but we think that name makes more sense.

Here are 10 reasons why you’d know a whole lot more about the restaurant business if you’d attended this week’s big tech show.

Chef and TV star Robert Irvine had a blunt message for restaurateurs attending the FSTEC conference: Embrace technology or risk flat-lining like one of the wrecks he tries to revive on his hit show, “Restaurant: Impossible.”

Yesterday’s technology geek is today’s hottie of the senior management staff, a result of the prominent new role IT specialists are playing in restaurant headquarters today.

Gather ‘round, Millennials, and learn of a time when the rock ‘n’ roll you hear everywhere today, from baseball games to doctors’ waiting rooms, was perceived as a dire social threat.

Memories of 9/11 are fixed in the public consciousness, though the exact recollections seem to be a function of where and how someone witnessed the nightmare.

The co-founder of The Home Depot volunteered some home-maintenance advice after my phone went dead three times during an interview last week.

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