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Sweet turns sour

Syrup, a thick viscous liquid, is made by dissolving sugar in water or by reducing cane or sugar beet juice. Simple syrup is often used to sweeten beverages because granulated sugar doesn’t dissolve easily in cold liquids; syrup also balances acidity in drinks like coffee, lemonade or citrusy cocktails.



Like other aspects of the industry, the smoothie segment has been impacted by the economy.

"We started serving punches at special events. They’re an effective way to get lots of cocktails out fast, maintaining integrity without sacrificing service,” says Al Sotack, head bartender at Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company, a Philadelphia spot named after a Prohibition-era bootlegging gang.

There have been a lot of new spirits and trends floating around the market, partly due to the cocktail renaissance, which has bartenders and consumers alike looking for the next new thing; and partly because new doors have opened in global commerce.

A look at drinks—both spirited and not—to bring your list up to speed.Drinking up valueNo one needs to tell operators the importance of offering...

Hopheads are turning to beer's new dark side.

Specialty coffee purveyors keep raising the bar in terms of quality and innovation.

Searching out bargain wines is a priority these days, as operators strive to give customers a price break yet still keep margins strong. The Internet has made that job easier; even the smallest wine producer has a Web site, and even modest-sized importers and distributors put their catalogs online.

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