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A pour start: Beverage trends 2015

Fads come and go, but true emerging beverage trends have staying power and growth potential. We’ve done some recon on what’s predicted to be the next big thing in craft beer, cocktailing and fast-casual drinks—the developments poised to make dollars and sense for operators in the year ahead.


Libation exploration

Latin and Asian cocktails are expanding into new territory.

Given all the fanfare surrounding the mixology movement, cocktail lists are garnering as much attention as food menus, making the bartender as important a hire as the chef.

We’ve been collecting whiskeys since 1977; now, finally, we are part of a trend,” says Mick McHugh, proprietor of F.X.

While statistics are hard to come by, one liquor-auditing service estimates that bar losses equal about 23 percent of the bottom line.

Beer lists go hyperlocal as restaurants partner with craft brewers in their own backyards.

Two operators are mixing up cocktails targeted to the health-conscious drinker. Check out these healthy restaurant menu ideas.

Two operators discover that private-label wines can differentiate the list and boost sales.

With the rising popularity of cider, enthusiasts are devoting entire concepts to the versatile brew.

To age spirits more efficiently, one mixologist commandeered a piece of kitchen equipment.

Intrepid consumers are venturing into new beverage alcohol territory.

Prosecco, Moscato, Asti, Cava, Cremant, Sekt and sparkling wines are gaining in popularity among younger drinking-age consumers. These festive frizzantes offer great value, and the holiday season is an ideal time to expand your sparkler selection.

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