Watch out casual-dining chains, Cava is coming for your guests

The Mediterranean fast casual is planning to enhance restaurant ambiance to make locations more inviting for dine-in. Also steak is coming to the menu.


Cava wraps landmark year with traffic growth exceeding 10%

Now comes the hard work of lapping a strong first year as a public company, but the fast-casual chain is well positioned for more "normalized" growth.

Though Mediterranean cuisine has been growing across the U.S. for decades, the newly public Cava is drawing attention to the fast-casual niche. Here is a look at 8 growing restaurant chains positioned to ride the wave of interest.

Cava, the newly public fast-casual chain called "the next Chipotle" by investors, and Noodles & Co., which held that title a decade ago, just reported two very different quarters that are a study in contrasts—and offer a warning for Cava.

The honeymoon continues for the newly public fast-casual Mediterranean chain, but officials say there are challenges ahead.

After its June IPO, the fast-casual chain came out of the gate strong, with second-quarter traffic up more than 10%.

The Bottom Line: The former CEO of Panera Bread hammered Wall Street for its short-sightedness after his company was sold. His comments were different following the Cava Group IPO last week.

The Bottom Line: The fast-casual Mediterranean chain is the latest to draw enthusiasm from investors hoping they’ve found a company that could come close to Chipotle’s return.

The 263-unit Mediterranean chain plans to reach 1,000 locations across the U.S. by 2032 and sees an opportunity to grow sales with new formats, catering and building loyalty.

On the eve of its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, the fast-casual chain's initial stock price hit $22 per share, well above earlier projections. The price gives the company a $2.5 billion valuation.

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