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Golden Chick

The aging palate

As adults, our palate matures and ages, and we learn to appreciate new and unusual flavors that we may have shied away from as kids. In our golden years, we struggle with weight, medication, special diets and food restrictions that inhibit our enjoyment of food. As this particular demographic of older citizens increases in numbers, it is important to understand their dietary needs and food preferences, as well as the changing nature of their palates.

Meet the chef: Brent Parrino

The Cheesecake Factory, with its Small Plates & Snacks menu section, is in the vanguard of the small plates trend. Its more than two dozen items represent an array of global cuisines and eating styles, everything from Vietnamese Tacos to Parmesan Polenta Fries to Mini Corn Dogs.

“When we design food, it’s not just about how it looks and tastes and smells, it’s also about how it feels on your palate.”

The limited-service chicken category overall increased total sales by 8% to $22.2 billion and grew units by 4% to 14,166.

Menus geared to Muslims with several million Muslims living in the United States, more restaurants are adhering to the Halal (permissible) food requirements dictated by Muslim law.

Warm weather entices restaurants to bring the indoors out. These places do more than set out a few tables —they’ve created interactive outdoor environments.

Peru is a land of contrast, a country that defines the meaning of biodiversity—from coastal deserts that receive almost no rainfall, to the rugged...

As families become busier, many are turning to restaurants to gather for the annual Passover meals known as Seders. Here are some of the places that are serving this ritual feast on Monday and Tuesday night, April 18 and 19.

A few years ago, Daniel Orr, chef-owner of FARMbloomington restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana, started a corny tradition on the weekend nearest his August 23rd birthday.

Restaurant tips and tricks for great prep by great chefs.

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