Golden Chick

Seasonings with nutritional punch

These six seasonings will not only add zest to your food, they can help boost its nutritional profile.

Won’t you be my regular?

Customers who keep coming back are worth a lot more than just their contribution to the bottom line. Here’s how to go get them—and keep the ones you have.

These golden citrus fruits taste like a cross between a tangy lemon and slightly sweet orange. Most often used to flavor desserts, Meyer lemons are starting to show up in savory applications, too.

As adults, our palate matures and ages, and we learn to appreciate new and unusual flavors that we may have shied away from as kids. In our golden years, we struggle with weight, medication, special diets and food restrictions that inhibit our enjoyment of food. As this particular demographic of older citizens increases in numbers, it is important to understand their dietary needs and food preferences, as well as the changing nature of their palates.

The Cheesecake Factory, with its Small Plates & Snacks menu section, is in the vanguard of the small plates trend. Its more than two dozen items represent an array of global cuisines and eating styles, everything from Vietnamese Tacos to Parmesan Polenta Fries to Mini Corn Dogs.

“When we design food, it’s not just about how it looks and tastes and smells, it’s also about how it feels on your palate.”

The limited-service chicken category overall increased total sales by 8% to $22.2 billion and grew units by 4% to 14,166.

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