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Innovating with allergy-friendly dishes

Catering to consumers' varied dietary requirements can be an opportunity for operators.


Starters span the globe

Consumers will always seek out classic starters such as stuffed potato skins and spinach artichoke dip on appetizer menus, but the real opportunity for operators is in ethnic specialties and other glo...

Plant-based proteins are replacing mainstay proteins on menus around the country.

Consumers, it seems, can’t get enough chili. Whether the “bowl of red” has beans, is vegetarian or it isn’t even red, operators are finding inventive ways to menu this customer favorite.

When it comes to the cost of ingredients in foodservice, the big-ticket item is usually protein– especially meats such as beef and pork. Because prices of these bell-ringers often fluctuate, smart operators are looking for ways to increase protein efficiencies on the menu and keep costs consistent. Here’s a peek at five ways operators can cut protein costs and keep dishes flavorful.

Bowls lie at the intersection of a few important restaurant trends: global flavors, healthier eating and the desire for customization.

It was Texas pride brought together Chili’s Grill & Bar and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and the results of the partnership were spirited.

Established burger chains also have the power to boost brands, even outside the burger segment.

The secret to successful brand partnerships lies in picking like-minded partners with shared target markets and regions.

When casual-dining chain TGI Fridays tapped Jack Daniel’s to create a craveable, smoky glaze, they hit the jackpot.

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