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Kraft Foodservice

Kraft Foodservice

With a portfolio of high-performing products, unmatched marketing and sales support and innovative programs designed to grow your business, Kraft Foodservice is committed to your long-term success. We offer diverse brands to enhance your menu—plus expertise and resources to help your bottom line.

With Kraft Foodservice, you have a choice of products for virtually every occasion. Powerhouse brands your customers recognize and associate with high quality, including:

  • A.1. Steak Sauce
  • GREY POUPON Dijon Mustard
  • PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese

At Kraft, we're strongly committed to helping you grow your business. Merchandising tools and equipment services help you run your business smoothly and maximize consumer impact. Kraft Works, which provides menu insights, business building solutions and promotions, and the Kraft Culinary Centre, where our world-class chefs offer recipe development, are first-rate resources for operators serving Kraft brands.

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Driving consumer enthusiasm

Today more than ever, consumers seek elevated experiences when dining away from home. For operators, this means that offering items that are designed to generate enthusiasm is crucial in order to effectively compete for share of stomach.


Diversify beverage offerings for a healthier bottom line

The moves that consumers have been making toward health in the last few years can no longer be considered just a trend—they’re now the norm, and retailers and foodservice operators have had to answer the call for healthier options in order to compete for share of stomach.

Just a few years ago, terms such as “farm-to-table,” “organic,” and “vegan” were primarily limited to hippie-dippie restaurants and health food store products, but they’re now ubiquitous. From quick-service restaurants and white-tablecloth spots and even to the corner grocery store, this trend of consumers seeking healthier and more mindful food options shows no signs of slowing down.

Most restaurant operators are looking long and hard at flavor profiles and calorie counts in this age of menu labeling. Posting the calories of restaurant menu items has been the law in parts of the country for several years, and before long, it will be required nationwide for chains with 20 or more units.

An operator doesn’t need a skilled culinary team or a big labor budget to create flavorful, on-trend condiments for appetizers, small plates, sandwiches and entrées. In fact, making stellar condiments can be as simple as combining mayonnaise with herbs, spices or other ingredients already on hand.

While it’s inevitable consumers’ tastes in food change from year to year—keeping the savviest of foodservice professionals on their toes—there have been other dramatic shifts in the industry over the last five to 10 years that demand operators’ attention, regardless of the segment they’re part of.

Restaurant operators will agree that providing nutrition information so that customers can make informed ordering decisions is a reality of business in these health-conscious times.

Operators are reinterpreting bound salads with different, intriguing flavors and unexpected ingredients. This creates excitement, appeal and drives sales.

For a large number of consumers today, healthfulness goes hand-in-hand with exciting cuisine. These enlightened eaters strive to make every calorie count in order to maximize nutrition as well as enjoyment when dining out.

These days, consumers are not only eating away from home more often, but they’re paying more attention to what they’re eating, a realization that hasn’t gone unnoticed by savvy operators.

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