Subway fans cry out for a return of the $5 Footlong

subway footlong

Submarine lovers and penny pinchers alike aren’t happy about the loss of Subway’s $5 Footlong, and they’re letting the chain know it through some hair-curling posts on social media. It may not be the Submageddon the chain had envisioned when it announced a hike to $6 for the sandwich earlier this week.






In response, the chain has been issuing a blanket response to customers wondering where their beloved sandwich deal has gone.



Many fans pointed fingers, altogether inaccurate fingers, at disgraced former pitchman Jared Fogle, who had absolutely nothing to do with the decision. (Also, if you have the Twitter handle “ArsonbyLarson,” are you really in a judicial position?)



Some customers have barked that they wouldn’t get out of bed to pay $6 for what had been more or less $5 worth of bread, meat and cheese a week ago. Others are more militant about the whole deal. 



The announcement opened old wounds, with customers calling into question the quality of ingredients and the value of the deal.




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