Bridging the broadcast gap: How EverPass Media is expanding offerings for bars and restaurants

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Change in the world of sports broadcasting has been swift and all-encompassing. While this evolution offers a wide array of convenient choices for residential viewers, it poses a myriad of complexities for bars and restaurants. The fragmentation of broadcast rights introduces another layer of intricacy, especially for the commercial landscape, which is why EverPass Media has stepped up to be a steady guide and partner in this shifting terrain. 

For commercial entities, navigating these changes isn’t just about offering more; it’s about clarity, legality and ensuring fans can enjoy their favorite sports in their favorite spots, without interruption.

While the streaming revolution has changed the game for at-home fans, for commercial establishments, the rules are different. Methods designed for residential consumption don't necessarily translate to commercial usage. In fact, the very act of using residential means for commercial viewing isn't just frowned upon—it's illegal and can potentially lead to fines.

EverPass Media doesn’t aim to be just another broadcaster, but rather a solution, a partner and an innovator for commercial entities. The brand understands the complex nature of the media landscape and the undisputable need to carry must-have content to fuel revenue growth for businesses. As such, the company has been in the trenches, working hard to secure the rights to the most sought-after premium sports content to ensure that the cheers and camaraderie continue to echo in commercial establishments.

As the exclusive distributor of NFL Sunday Ticket and Peacock Sports Pass for commercial locations, EverPass ensures commercial establishments have access to the best in sports.  

EverPass Media is not just reacting to the changing media landscape—it is actively shaping it for operator benefit. Together, EverPass aims to simplify game days (and nights) and make every sport season unforgettable. To learn more about EverPass click here.

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